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Adventures with OpenSUSE

I had a dedicated disk for Linux when I built my desktop. So obviously, I felt obligated to install every package available to mankind. After (a little less than) one year, the result is that my Ubuntu desktop has every application, window manager, and miscellaneous packages bundled with Unity, Gnome and KDE. After I upgraded to Precise Pangolin, and went to KDE 4.8, things were smooth for a week or so. Then all hell broke loose.

Neither of the shells would work as they should and KDE (which was the most stable out of the 3) started to give a pretty little SEGFAULT every few minutes. It gets on your nerves in a day. Long story short, I'm now running openSUSE 12.1 64 bit. Stable, of course. Though 12.2 in its current state was in available, I think I'll stick with something stable till I get started with my GSoC development which has delayed by 2 whole days now. Not good news. openSUSE works good but some things are quite irritating. For instance, the package manager sucks compared to Ubuntu. It couldn't even find Kate and refused to install KDevelop. On the good side, things magically fixed themselves. The biggest turnoff though is Amarok, which needs me to downgrade the mysql edition to store the library. Someone already filed a bug report. Oh well, no time to fix this for now.

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