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Akademy 2013

Akademy 2013 was good fun! It was great to see so many new faces, and great to see so many familiar ones. Since this was my second Akademy, I was better prepared for the talks since I wanted to gather as much from the talks as humanly possible.

11th - 12th July 2013

Arrive at Bilbao a day earlier than planned by bus. Since Bilbao was the last stop of the small backpacking trip Yash and I were on, we thought we'll use the extra time to relax. Among those who reached early, were Rohan and Vishesh, who suggested I can visit the venue early and so I did. With the little Spanish that I had picked up during the time in Spain, I thought I'll try to learn something. Most of the things I picked up were from the slides anyway.

I tried it the next day as well ;)

13th July 2013

Talks attended:
  • Say Hello the Surveillance State: What NSA Surveillance Means to Non-US Persons - Eva Galperin
  • Declarative Widgets - Kevin Krammer
  • KDE on BlackBerry - Till Adam
  • Qt, Open Source, and Sailfish OS
  • Lightweight KDE
  • How I did pair programming on KDE - Shantanu Tushar

The one talk that I am really glad I attended was Eva's. I was also awestruck with Sailfish OS. I made it a point to attend the BoF should I get the chance. Lightweight KDE was another talk I distinctively remember since it involves many of the things I would debate about while talking about KDE versus other DEs.

Shantanu's talk offered a pretty good way of improving a contributor's skill while mentoring. Pair programming might also work pretty good to learn from the masters even if your're experienced.

14th July 2013

Talks attended:
  • How I used QML to make KStars more interesting - Samikshan Bairagya
  • Use of Marble in Engineering Projects - Oihane Kamara
  • Kasten - KParts on steroids - Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
  • Lightning Talks
  • The KDE Democracy
  • FLOSS speech recognition: Where are we?
  • Apps on Speed - Milian Wolff

I was the session chair for Samikshan's talk where he talked about the features he added in KStars. I follow Simon's progress whenever I can and I always look forward to Peter's work. This talk and the demo was delightful. Milian's talk was jampacked. And for good reason. Made so many notes in that one.

15th - 16th July 2013

QtCS Day 1 and Day 2. We also had BoFs here. Me and Samikshan discussed some issues in KStars and decided to hack on them a bit. Oh, and got a Blackberry Z10 to experiment with. Thanks Blackberry!

17th July 2013

Day trip to Gaztelugatxe ! Had a long and wonderful day!

18th July 2013

The highlight were the Sailfish BoF which I had trouble following because of my Ye Olde Macbook. It wasn't designed to handle VMs very well. Me and Samikshan decided to talk advantage of the Usability BoF to get the latest additions in KStars reviewed. Since my work was not user facing, we got the "What's Interesting" reviewed. Here is the usability report I tried to write. (You'll need a KDE Indentity account)

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