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BVPLUG InstallFest!

Today, we had BVPLUG's first ever event at the college (sadly, no pics). A small Linux InstallFest. Since we wanted a casual environment, we hosted the first InstallFest in our college ever* at the canteen. Over the course of the day, we helped install Linux on a total of five laptops as well individual short demos and basic howtos. Not a great feat, but I'm pretty content. The breakup of the installed distros was:

  • 4 x Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • 1 x Fedora 17 KDE Spin

My late night endeavor to procure Kubuntu, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu 32 as well as 64 bit ISOs was in vain. :) A simple look at the metrics in our college convinces me this was a great success for a first event. In the last year and a half, <obnoxious>I gave some beginner sessions on Python and also had some general technology discussions with other students</obnoxious> but it saddened me to see only a couple of people bothering to follow up. After the initial experiences, I learned to be happy about the couple of people who expressed interest in contrast with the majority which turned up because, hey, free python lecture! A big thank you to all the people who volunteered to switch to Linux! If you're reading this, enjoy Linux Awsomeness and let us know if you need help! Enjoy one of my favorite songs which begins with a really apt.. "This was a triumph..."

*from what people say

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