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I guess I forgot to mention we have started (yet) another group in our college. BVP LUG: BVCOE's Linux User Group ( ). We set up this group to scratch a particular itch that we felt the college environment failed to scratch. We probably have a dozen societies/groups in our college, catering to different areas like quizzing, robotics and various other technology subsets and I wish there was no need to start another group in our small campus. Aman Madaan (axiom92 on freenode, madaan on github) came up with the suggestion of the LUG and the society officially came into being on 29th July 2012 with me, Aman, and Rakshit Sareen (buzzLY on github) as the initial members.

A User Group works best without a strict central controlling authority, so we formed a nearly autonomous group and kept a strict check on each other to ensure things like principles, learning and student benefit look priority over personal profit, funds, advertising, and putting up a show. Of course, this makes a pretty unexciting group if someone isn't really into technology. Yay! Our modus operandi is our subreddit HERE where we (only 4-5 people, for now) discuss new findings and ask questions.

I think it was Aman who came up with the idea of requiring people to add their names themselves in a simple text file on our github repository and then, to send us a pull request. He even wrote step-by-step instructions on our landing page. A very effective way to connect with people who are willing to put in an effort to learn!

As expected, we got a number of 'Likes' on our Facebook page, but managed to convert very few of them into interested members (yet). No worries, though. We always consider 3 contributing members a bigger asset than 30 inactive members. And I'm really happy to say we had people sending us Pull Requests on our github page! :)

Here's the link to our repository:

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