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  1. Akademy 2013

    Akademy 2013 was good fun! It was great to see so many new faces, and great to see so many familiar ones. Since this was my second Akademy, I was better prepared for the talks since I wanted to gather as much from the talks as humanly possible.

    11th - 12th ...

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  2. Hackfest 2013

    Hackfest 2013

    I have a habit of writing posts much after they should have been written. This is one of those posts. And as a result, it's not as detailed as it should've been. This post is about Hackfest, which is held at IIT Madras each year as part of ...

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  3. GSoC work merged! Finally!

    The Shawshank Merge

    After more than 4 months of finishing and fine-tuning, my Google Summer of Code work for KStars is now merge worthy. An hour ago, I merged the gsoc2012-spacetime branch to master.

    While I am certainly delighted that my work is finally merged I am watchful of any bugs that might ...

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