Fork me on GitHub 2014

February 21, 2014 to February 23, 2014

When we were leaving from the KDE Meetup at Gandhinagar in February 2013, I remember Pradeepto and many others talking about organizing again. The first one happened in 2011 when I hadn’t yet begun to contribute to KDE. 3 years later and precisely 1 year from the KDE Meetup, has become a reality! The team at DAIICT and the members of KDE did an amazing job to make this happen.

This years event spanned 3 days starting with an introductory talks with a workshop, followed by 2 days of talks on a variety of talks. Pradeepto stressed in the introductory talk about having fun. And I’m sure the next days spent with the community would convince anyone that we’re all a fun loving lot. It’s always great seeing people I know, like Shantanu, Pradeepto, Yash, Sinny, Nikhil, Vishesh, Kevin, Jos, Peter but also meeting contributors which I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet, including Smit Shah, Sujith, Shubham, Avnee, Vijay.. the list will never end!

The conference featured 19 talks ranging from how to contribute to C++11. It also featured memorable incidents like breaking open a coconut that Smit Shah received for his talk ’KDE. Unlike a coconut.’ All of us were inspired by the people we met at immensely. I gave a talk on KStars and talked about what KStars is and how to contribute to it. I demonstrated the process by fixing a small bug and talking about Junior Jobs.

Kudos to Yash and the DAIICT team for a terrific experience. Thanks to Digia, VCreateLogic, and Janastu for their support! And <3 to ThoughtWorks for sponsoring the travel for Shantanu and I.

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