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Delhi Half Marathon. Check.

Race Timing Certificate

I completed the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (21.097 km) yesterday. Running a marathon (and a half marathon) had been on my list of things to do for a long time now.

Paras, who also completed the 0.5*marathon, was equally excited for the event and made me sign up even though we had missed the deadline for registration. Luckily, our applications were accepted. I also signed up my father for the Great Delhi Run (6 km).

To prep for race day, we planned to train every alternate day and even looked up places in Gurgaon we could train. We ended up not training, which explains the pain I am in now. But the pain's worth it. I just received an email with my timing and photograph.

Though I finished with an abominable timing of 2:44:27, I'm pretty happy all 3 of us managed to complete it. Here's a picture of me before I reached the finish line.

Near the finish line

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