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Encounters of the Emacs Kind

I’m learning Emacs. Why? Because I wanna be a badass.. err...

Because I have a lot of time and lots of stuff to do. So I’ve decided to chuck everything I have to do and do something different. The other reason is that I now have two Linux servers that I need to handle. And I’m not very fond of FTP.

I’ve been using ‘nano’ for a while now. It worked well, except when I had two files and I needed to switch between them. Ctrl+Alt+F2 and Ctrl+Alt+F3 would take up all day. Then I tried vi. I got bored in 15 minutes. There’s something.. mundane.. about vi. So today, I tried Emacs. 15 minutes into the tutorial and I was sitting dazed in a corner mumbling things to myself.

I have a need to use the cursor(arrow) keys to run around in a document. I’ve decided to use my Macbook for learning Emacs. Not even I can handle those tiny abominations they call cursor keys. See how funnily they had to modify the keys so you don’t press two at a time? How much time have I saved by using Emacs? Not much. Though the kill-ring saved me a couple of keystrokes. I’m getting used to it.

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