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GSoC 2013 Results out!

GSoC results were out today. I had planned on mentoring for KDE this year but things don't always work out as you plan. ;)

But once the results were out, I was extremely happy to know (at least) 3 people from my college were selected!

Congratulations Anmol Ahuja(KDE), Achal (Joomla), and Akshay Katyal(Mozilla)! If there's anyone who also got selected, let me/us know!

I hope the LUG had something to do with it!

While a GSoC is an excellent mentored way of joing an open source project, it's not the only way. Not everyone who contributes participates in GSoC and not everyone who participates in GSoC continues contributing.

If you're out there and want to contribute, talk to us at our IRC channel, #bvplug on Freenode and we also have a facebook group. I hope we'll soon have a Mailing List as well :)

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