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GUID type recovery

I dual boot my work laptop (Mac OS X Mavericks + Kubuntu 14.04) and it has been working well for a while. Which is why when I accidentally clicked on 'Repair Disk' yesterday, and I feared the worst.

It did happen, and I'm sure it's not too common to find people using FileVault and dual booting with Linux because I couldn't find any solution online.


'Repair Disk' broke the GPT and the Macbook no longer knew what the partiion is. The laptop wouldn't boot normally. Running Disk Utility from the Recovery partition shows the disk type as "FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF".


After figuring out there are two GUIDs related to a partition: one as a name, and the other as a hint to the contents(type GUID), I booted into Kubuntu. An internet search reveals OS X Lion introduced(?) a new type called "CoreStorage" for partitions protected by FileVault.
  1. Run gdisk
  2. Change type to "CoreStorage"

Apparently Disk Utility got confused and set the type of my encrypted partition as FFFF...

gdisk: 1 Apple: 0

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