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  1. Hackfest 2013

    Hackfest 2013

    I have a habit of writing posts much after they should have been written. This is one of those posts. And as a result, it's not as detailed as it should've been. This post is about Hackfest, which is held at IIT Madras each year as part of ...

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  2. GSoC work merged! Finally!

    The Shawshank Merge

    After more than 4 months of finishing and fine-tuning, my Google Summer of Code work for KStars is now merge worthy. An hour ago, I merged the gsoc2012-spacetime branch to master.

    While I am certainly delighted that my work is finally merged I am watchful of any bugs that might ...

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  3. Hello Hackfest!

    Hi there!

    If you're reading this, I'll have the pleasure of helping you contribute to KDE at Hackfest in January 2013. Or you've stumbled upon my blog, in which case you may read this as KStars Development 101.

    Although most of things I will discuss at Hackfest ...

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