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Inspector Spacetime. Reporting.

My blog was too dormant. It's hard to take out time to write nowadays but this had to be done.

MozCamp Delhi 13.01

On 19th January 2013, MozCamp Delhi was help at Amity Noida. Here's a much better account of the day. And another by Archit (arcolife).

Mozilla is one of the organizations I actively support and it the event was equally enjoyable as the long IRC and IRL chats that led up to it. It was great talking about Google Summer of Code and giving my account of how it helps you jump start open source contribution. However, I always make it a point to mention programs like Season of KDE which also offer the one thing that makes GSoC worth it all: a mentor.

KDE Meetup at DAIICT

23rd and 24th February 2013

  • Had an excellent time.
  • My talk on KDE Edu didn't go as well as I had hoped. A big lesson learned for preparing talks in the future. I talked about KDE Edu in particular, contributing to them, and demoed applications. Step and KStars particularly appealed to the students.
  • But I actually enjoyed running around in a giant hall full of 300+ students helping them start working with Qt while Shantanu guided them from the stage (and he did a wonderful job ).

DAIICT Gandhinagar has a beautiful campus and our stay was really enjoyable (this was the first time I spent time in a hostel).

Some Pics Here

Jamia DevDays

9th March 2013

In the hopes of finally using the slides I had originally prepared for the Gandhinagar, I did a talk on KDE Edu at JDev Day, and scope of contribution to KDE Edu. I also talked about KDE and why one should contribute to open source. It went quite well.

~Note to Self~: I should probably do this talk at my own college too.

Final Semester Project

This is the activity that keeps me busy most of the time. And I love it.

We're trying to build a compiler using LLVM for a simple language. And we're completing a Coursera Compilers course side-by-side. This might give you a hint as to what the simple language is :3


I recently got permission to modify bugs for KStars. o/ I spent the first few days fixing/testing/categorizing bugs. Felt good.

The KStars DB still has a few kinks to be ironed out. Yet to draw out the diagrams for the DB. That's priority number 1.

In other news, since my code is merged and samxan's work is to-be-merged, and we have a lot of changes this time, we're planning to bump up the version number after what feels like an eternity.

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