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[KStars] GSoC Update

It's time I write another blog post about my progress with KStars. I sortof missed the personal deadline I had fixed for myself, but I'm off by a couple of days so I can cover up soon enough. My current task is to integrate the new user database I'll be adding to KStars with its existing UI as well as functions (which mainly deals with OAL generation). I have to say, the task is much weirder (if not harder) than I thought. But the main source of my happiness is the large number of lines I'm throwing away to accomodate for the database. With every File dependency I remove, I'm also solving bugs related to that file handling expression ;). Progress isn't as good as I (or anyone else) expected. So I have been pushing hard to cover up the time I had to spend this week. These posts will also be a small log where I'll post anything unusual I come across or decisions I take so that (if) anyone reading this can have their say.

  • To model my database, I have been using "wwwsqldesigner". It generates the SQLite statements I need to generate the userdb.
  • QSqlTableModel vs QSqlQuery: QSqlTableModel is nice for simple usage and I replaced every instance of QSqlQuery so that I no longer need to write my queries. Of course, to do anything more complex I'll have to write my own queries, but I'll avoid that as long as I can. (hint: no 'filter' = SEGFAULT that I wasn't be able to pinpoint easily. I have a modest amount of experience with debugging.)
  • Aggregation: One of the terms I could always define but never knew what it meant ;) This design is noticable when observing the realtionship between KSUserDB (my new class) with KStarsData (ye old data class). I'm trying my best to also take extra care of the design and structural changes my code will bring to KStars.

Lessons learnt

  • When implementing new stuff. Examples > Documentation
  • Commit Early. Commit Often.
  • Stop slacking off or kstar will get you. ;)
  • Design is important. But I must stop pondering over it more than I should and start producing some code. I can restructure much faster then.

And yes, after much effort and more than 20 days of waiting, I got my Visa. I'll be attending Akademy 2012! And KDE e.v has been so kind and awesome to sponsor my trip :) I cannot wait to meet the KDE family!


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