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नमस्ते! I am Rishab Arora. Also known as spacetime or spacetime29.

I love to build! I contribute to KStars (part of KDE) and also completed a Google Summer of Code 2012 on it. I graduated from BVCOE, New Delhi in 2013.

I'm currently working as a developer for ThoughtWorks.

I love experimenting and hacking on a lot of platforms/technologies.

My weapon of choice for quick hacks is Python. For something robust, I prefer ANSI C++.

Oh yes, I also crack jokes which usually result in facepalms. Once upon a time, I even started a webcomic thingy on them with my friends. It's dead now.

I idle in #kde, #kde-in, #bvplug on freenode; #india on mozilla; and a lot of other IRC channels. I talk about technology, food, languages, Star Trek/Wars etc.

I co-founded: BVPLUG and BVPGTUG(now BVPGDG)

Download my Resume here.

Always in love with

Compiler Design, Programming Languages

Love playing with (in alphabetical order)