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Paradigms of Computer Programming

I completed my first MOOC today. I had enrolled for 'Louv1.01x: Paradigms of Computer Programming' on offered by Prof. Peter Van Roy, UCL. It was an intriguing course and the journey from Functional Programming to OOP to Deterministic Dataflow and Multi-agent dataflow was seemless and quite engrossing. I particularly liked the programming assigments for Multi-agent dataflow. It required more effort than I had anticipated (It's hard to switch context from work to courses) and though I missed a couple of deadlines I did manage to get an 'A' grade. Alas, the course only offers an Honor Code Certificate which doesn't mention the grade. But it was worth it.

I've taken MOOCs on Machine Learning, Compilers and even Artifical Intelligence but never really 'finished' it. The closest I had been was in Stanford's Compilers course where I did finish everything but missed so many deadlines that never achieved a passing grade. On to the next course!

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