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People forget there's a License involved

So I got a bulk email inviting students to compete in a contest. It was part of MNNIT's Annual Fest, "Avishkar" ( And I was greeted by this logo on their homepage.

Avishkar Logo

Of course it does! Nepomuk! Now, I'm happy they find it useful, but with great icons comes great responsibility. Licensing. :) Hopefully they can get an easy fix. I hope they do. They also included it in their printed material without complying with the license. So that is also wrong. Not as easily fixed though.

I've sent them an email telling them about this. I hope it is fixed soon. Sadly, the behavior isn't uncommon in Indian colleges. The licensing terms for Oxygen are very comfortable compared to the copyrighted material college often (sometimes intentionally) use. In most cases, it is merely the result of ignorance of the design team regarding copyrighted content. In other cases, the college considers itself too small a target for anyone to notice.

The latter case is also the reason piracy is rampant in schools and colleges in India.

Update (7 Oct 2012): At around 1 AM, I got a reply that they had read the terms and wished to talk to me to fix this on 'friendly terms'. I just informed them of the conditions. Maybe it was intimidating for them to receive an email telling them they can't copy icons as they wish. Asked them to include the license statement on the website and to print it on all future material that uses the logo.

Update (8 Oct 2012): Had an IM chat with one of the organizers. They promise to fix it by tomorrow night (Indian Standard Time of course)

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