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Python Session: LeThAc

I got the opportunity to give an introductory session on my favorite programming language: Python at FOSS Conclave at USIT called LeThAc (Learn, Think, Act). The talk was scheduled for day 2, and I attended the rest of the conclave as a participant. (The website carries the old topic I was to speak on. I did speak about this for 10 minutes though).

As almost everyone in the room was new to the language but familiar with C/C++, I focused on the basics of Python. My motive was to ensure that after the session, none of them would hesitate before opening a Python program and should be able to work out its implementation.

I have a habit of screwing up under scrutiny, and as expected, I made a couple of errors which the students then helped fix. I ended up having more fun than I had anticipated. :)

As with any FOSS meetup/conclave, I get to meet awesome people! After the session, I met Sudipto (who is a Ruby developer) and we started a Python vs Ruby thing which ended almost as it began.

Karan Singh (buddy, Gen Sec for USIT IEEE) introduced me to Piyush Madan, who is the Chairperson and Shreya Pandit who is an awesome KDE developer! I had a particularly good time in Arun Ganesh's (@planemad) session on Open Street Map. Mapping is fun! And yes, Satyaakam Goswami's session on how to approach Linux Administration issues was quite useful! (Who was showing a lot of enthusiasm to help out in the whole event, and not just his own session). And the session on VCS by Anuvrat was excellently executed. It's hard to capture a young audience's attention on a topic like version control. There were more but these three are the ones I remember most distinctly.

Sadly, forgot to take pictures :( I got a fluffy Tux-like object for the session though!

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