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Ushahidi Localization

On 19th September 2012[1], I added the Hindi language to the Ushahidi localization project. I find it hard to explain why I do what I do. Localization is completely out of my comfort zone, but Ushahidi is a project I have come to appreciate immensely and I believe it can make a difference.

Localization is _not_ my forte but once localized to Indian languages, it can cater to larger crowds. My work may not be of the highest quality, but I think it will help when people better than me decide to dedicate time to this project.

Soon after I started Hindi(India), I saw Nepali and Urdu(Pakistan) pop up! Yay! Since, then, I've been contributing as much as I can whenever I can take out time. I had posted about this on the BVP LUG subreddit and I did see 'DarkApex' around one day which made me really happy. :) I've also seen another user around but unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out how to get a list of people who have worked on the project. This also means I am unable to review my old work for reference or to know how many strings/words I've contributed.

All in all

We have completed 12% of Ushahidi localization to Hindi with > 200 strings (>600 words). It's not much, but I remember it being 0%. If you're reading this and know how to speak Hindi, why don't you help us out here? You can even mock my not-so-great work. ;) I'm not going to switch my web presence to Hindi anytime soon, but I respect those who wish to use technology in their native languages. My hopeless attempts at editing Wikipedia in Hindi might be as a result of this. I hope the web one day turns out to be an equal ground for every language.


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