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Wikipedia Crafts Museum Meet

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Quick blog post time! Had awesome fun at Crafts Museum (Near Pragati Maidan, New Delhi) today. Most of the attendees were from BVCOE or KIET Ghaziabad. One of the exceptions was Manas. So lots of IT and CSE background people were editing and creating articles on Indian art and craft. We began with an introduction to the GLAM wikiproject (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums; Has nothing to do with fashion. I swear!) And a short introductory session. We met Noopur who was coordinating the meet up and who, along with Mr X (The awesome computer science guy; I'm sorry but my memory has bad sectors. If you remember his name, comment please!), showed us around and told us a lot about what we would be writing about. We covered artefacts by the Bhuta Cult, wall art, wooden carvings, bronze objects, terracotta statues and a lot of other stuff which I'm slowly starting to forget. Fortunately, I was carrying my camera and did manage to click a lot of (horrible) photographs. The last image will be remembered by Abhinav and Sahil ;). I clicked a photograph of some textual content which the museum had written on the wall. They couldn't read a word. :P I have already uploaded some of photographs to Wikimedia Commons and will upload the rest of the pictures later.

After being given 20 minutes to choose around 5 articles to write about, we returned to our rendezvous point for dedicated editing. With one photo upload, I realized there was no article in Hindi about 'Aiyanar' (who is a village god worshiped in Tamil regions) so decided to create it along with Vaibhav (from KIET). He had never attempted editing articles in Hindi so spent a lot of time learning it. We accomplished writing 2 lines, 1 description, and adding 2 categories. XD Others were far more productive, so I won't talk about them.

I'm missing a number of names here. Some because I'm sleepy and most because I don't remember :(

And yes, this is going to be a regular thing (hopefully) so should be back there soon to write about more!

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